Sunday, April 18, 2010

Never Trust A Pretty Girl With An Ugly Secret

So true. I can't tell you how many people forget such an obvious warning. But thanks to ABCs new show premiering on June 8th at 8:00pm, we will never forget it again.
From what I've read about the show so far I am sensing some tension between the teenybopper readers of Sara Shepard's hit book series "Pretty Little Liars" and ABCs casting department.
Apparently there is a big hullabaloo about the new television actresses not looking like the characters from the book. But honestly how many times does a good-looking redhead hang out with a blonde, a brunette, and a racially ambiguous "raven-haired" type (outside of my dreams)?
Although it is much more realistic to cast three dark-haired beauties with one blonde and call it a day, I do think ABC should have been a little bit more careful with their choices considering the readers form a large contingent of potential viewers. I mean I love the "so bad, it's good"-risks our television networks take just as much as the next bored person, but at least be a little more aware of your demographic. And don't upset the little girls before you even premiere.
Come on now ABC, it's common sense.
Honestly though, how could you miss this:

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